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What is a Low Temperature Battery?

Sep. 16, 2020

As an Emergency Lighting Battery Supplier, share it with you. "Low temperature rechargeable battery" is a unique rechargeable battery developed to deal with the low temperature disadvantages in the characteristics of chemical power supply. Use VGCF as a preservative and compatible positive and negative raw materials, and basically add a certain amount of lithium battery electrolyte to VGCF, and use 2000M2/g (2000±1000m2/g) activated carbon as preservative It is equipped with unique additives to ensure the low-temperature charging and discharging effect of low-temperature rechargeable batteries. In addition, the 24-hour volume elasticity coefficient at 70℃ high temperature is reserved in the basic lithium battery, which has a safe storage effect.

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

Many portable electronic devices have also selected 36V application working voltage. Compared with the 36V lead-acid batteries used in electric vehicles in some applications today, various portable electronic devices have been upgraded with lighter weight and longer service life. People habitually call this type of lithium battery 36V lithium battery. Whether it is a 37V lithium cobalt oxide battery. Or a single 32V lithium iron phosphate battery can not happen to form 36V, only 37V or 384V. And everyone's portable electronic products use a wide operating voltage. For example, most electronic devices using 36V have a specific operating voltage of 30-45V. Therefore, 37V lithium cobalt oxide batteries (operating voltage range of 30-42V) or 384V lithium iron phosphate batteries (operating voltage range of efficiency) (30-438V) can be completely applied to most 36V electronic equipment and 36V electric vehicles.

Generally refers to lithium batteries with an operating temperature of less than -40°C, which is mainly used in aerospace, mobile weaponry, scientific research and disaster relief, power engineering communications, public security border defense, equipment manufacturing, railways, ship design, service robots and other fields. According to different charge and discharge characteristics, low-temperature lithium batteries can be divided into energy storage low-temperature lithium batteries and multiple low-temperature lithium batteries. According to different main uses, low-temperature lithium batteries can be divided into low-temperature lithium batteries and low-temperature lithium batteries for national defense and industrial production. According to the different main purposes, it can be divided into three major series of civilian low-temperature rechargeable batteries, unique low-temperature rechargeable batteries, and extreme low-temperature rechargeable batteries.

The key to its integration includes scientific research institutes, ordnance, aerospace, missile-borne vehicle machinery and equipment, Arctic scientific expeditions, cold temperate rescue, power communications, information security management methods, equipment manufacturing, railways, ship design, service robots and other industries.

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