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Emergency Light Bulb Replacement

Emergency Light Bulb Replacement is an affordable and easy way to maintain your emergency lights for years to come. Instead of buying new light fixtures, buy replacement emergency bulbs and get your light fixtures working again today. Emergency lights are important to building safety and are required throughout North America, so don't delay and find your replacement emergency bulb today.

Emergency lights usually consist of the following components:

Housing containing battery - This housing has a DC bulb in the reflector head. The bulbs are powered by batteries, and the circuit board and transformer charge those batteries.

Circuit Board - The circuit board is activated by power loss. It turns on equipment for emergency lighting.

Exit Light

These lights are located above or closest to the exit. This is the bright EXIT light you see on the exits of movie theaters, airplane doors, or emergency exits at your favorite shopping center. Exit Path Lights are made from floor-to-ceiling LED bulbs that glow in the dark and guide people towards the exit in the event of a complete power outage. You'll see these lights on airplanes and theater aisles.

If your logo doesn't light up, you should check the following:

Check Main Bulb - The main bulb in exit lights is usually maintained. This means they are always working. If the main bulbs are flickering or lighting poorly, it may be time to replace them.

Low Voltage Bulbs - These are auxiliary bulbs that are energized in an emergency. If these bulbs don't work properly, your emergency lights won't work during a power outage.

Check the battery - sometimes the problem can be the battery and not the bulb. We must first eliminate this possibility before moving to other solutions.


Emergency Light Bulb Replacement

How to Emergency Light Bulb Replacement?

Some stores offer specific bulbs for your emergency lights. Bulbs on emergency exits may look like circular rotating spotlights. After purchasing a new bulb, you can start replacing:

Step 1 - Wear gloves when handling the bulb

Step 2 - Use a screwdriver to open the cover of the emergency exit light. There is a small gap on the side of the light where you can open the lid with a screwdriver. 

Step 3 - Slide the bulb into place. You will be able to hear a click when it is in place. 

Step 4 - Put the lid back on.

NOTE: You must always make sure your battery is working properly.

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