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What is the Difference Between 18650 Lithium Battery and 26650 Lithium Battery?

Sep. 08, 2020

As an Emergency Lighting Battery Exporter, share with you. Both 18650 lithium batteries and 26650 lithium batteries are cylindrical lithium batteries, combined with 18650 lithium batteries and 26650 lithium batteries, with outstanding volume characteristics and high concentration, and occupy a large market share in the sales market.

26650 lithium battery, diameter 26MM, length (height) 65MM. Generally called lithium ion battery, 26650 lithium ion battery usually uses nickel cobalt manganese (ternary) as cathode material. The voltage of the 26650 lithium battery and the operating voltage of the lithium iron phosphate battery are as follows.

26650 lithium batteries are often used in large electric tools, lighting devices, energy storage technology machinery and equipment, battery cars, UPS standby switching power supplies, medical equipment and military equipment.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery

What is the difference between 18650 lithium battery and 26650 lithium battery?

1. Different short-circuit capacity: 18650 lithium ion capacity is between 1200mah and 3600mah, and 18650 lithium ion capacity is between 1800mah and 2600mah. The capacity of 22650 lithium-ion batteries is between 3000mah and 5000mah.

2.2 Rechargeable batteries are not the same: 1850 lithium-ion batteries are 18mm, and 26650 lithium-ion batteries are 65mm.

3. The reference quality is different: the net weight of 18650 lithium ion is 40g-48g, and the net weight of 26650 lithium ion is 95-100g.

4. The capacity of the rechargeable battery is different, the capacity of 26650 is greater than that of 18650, and the lithium ion ratio is the same.

5. Different application scenarios: 18650 lithium ion batteries are used for lighting equipment rechargeable batteries, industrial production equipment lithium batteries, rechargeable battery charging tools, electric vehicle rechargeable batteries, electric lithium batteries, etc.

6. The duration of the voyage is different: currently it is 2200, 2600, 3100mah in 18650 and 400,4200, 4500mah in 26650, so the duration is longer.

Lithium battery group is the product of lithium battery connected in series or parallel to consider certain requirements, which is very common in our daily life. To put it bluntly, the balance is to maintain all lithium battery packs in all normal ranges to ensure overall safety. Why must the lithium battery pack be managed in a balanced manner?

Lithium battery packs generally consist of one or several lithium battery packs in series, and each lithium battery pack consists of three to four batteries in series. The composition of working voltage, switching power supply and medical equipment can consider the regulations of industrial production and application. The lithium battery group BMS balance intelligent management system can reasonably carry out the detection, maintenance, energy balance and common fault alarms of the lithium battery group, thereby improving the working efficiency and service life of the lithium battery group of all driving forces.

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