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What is the Battery Maintenance Method of the Cleaning Robot?

Apr. 09, 2020

The maintenance method of Ni-MH Battery used in cleaning robot products, it is very important to use the battery correctly. Under the premise of reasonable maintenance, the normal use of the nickel-metal hydride battery of the general automatic sweeping machine can generally support about one and a half to two years, If you do not pay attention, the battery will be unusable after less than one year. As a Ni-MH Battery Pack Supplier, please pay attention to the following aspects, which can extend the battery life and maintain the high performance of the cleaning robot battery:

Ni-MH Battery

Ni-MH Battery

1. Frequently use automatic sweeping robots

The characteristics of the nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery cause frequent charging and discharging of the battery and regular use to ensure the high performance of the battery. The most important point to maintain battery performance is to ensure that the battery is used frequently.

2. When not in use, make sure that the charging base is kept powered on

At present, most sweeping robots support the automatic recharge function and provide a charging base. Please ensure that the automatic sweeping robot remains on the charging base. If there is no charging base, please keep the automatic sweeping robot powered on.

3. The charging state guarantees the heat dissipation of the machine

When the automatic cleaning robot is charging, place the automatic cleaning robot and the charging base on a flat and solid surface to help dissipate heat. Do not place the automatic sweeping robot that is charging on a thick carpet, and ensure that there is enough space around the charging base. Place the automatic sweeping robot in a dry and cool place, avoid the automatic sweeping robot from being exposed to the sun, and keep it away from heat sources such as heating equipment and hot exhaust vents.

4. Keep the robot cleaning robot clean

If the side brush and roller brush of the automatic sweeping robot are stuck with too much hair and garbage, it will consume more power and require more driving current, which is very detrimental to the battery. Cleaning frequently is one of the important methods to ensure battery performance.

5. Every three months, let the automatic sweeping robot fully discharge the power

NiMH batteries still have a low memory effect. In order to offset the impact, it is recommended that you completely release the power once every three months: without turning on the power of the charging base, the robot cleaning robot will not find the charging base when the power is low. The battery is exhausted. When the battery is completely exhausted, make sure to charge it as soon as possible, otherwise the battery capacity will be damaged.

6. Remove the battery for a long time without use

Even if it is not practical, the automatic sweeper will still consume the battery power weakly, so if you do not plan to use the automatic sweeping robot for a few weeks or longer, make sure that the battery is fully charged and will be removed and stored in a cool dry place. When you need to use it again, just install the battery and fully charge it. Due to the self-discharge characteristics of nickel-metal hydride batteries, the amount of electricity will gradually decrease, ensuring that the battery is fully charged at least every 3 months, otherwise the battery may be over-discharged and scrapped.

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