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Why does the Lithium Battery Explode or Burn?

Apr. 15, 2020

As a Power Tool Batteries Supplier, share with you.

Combustion or explosion usually occurs due to the accumulation of heat and cannot be diffused. Accumulated to the point of fire, or the accumulation of heat in a certain space to a certain degree, will occur. As Lithium Battery For Solar Lighting, it comes down to the following four reasons.

Lithium Battery For Solar

Lithium Battery For Solar

1. Internal short-circuit: structural or process defects lead to interpolated pole ears, too little membrane wrapping surplus, burrs, and diaphragm discounts. The insertion of the pole ears often appears in the structure of the thick battery and the internal parallel connection. The insulation of the pole ears is not in place. It is easy to cause an internal acute short circuit in the subsequent finished product with a protective plate or use process. This may cause combustion or explosion (internal short circuit: this is personal I have a very deep experience. At the time, more than 2K of this type of battery was scrapped, which is actually a design defect-the abnormal nature is: internal acute short circuit), but now this situation is almost rare, unless external factors.

2. External short circuit: The explosion after burning caused by the external short circuit of the battery below 1AH is rare, usually bulging or simply burning out the pole ear, personal analysis is the combustion caused by the external short circuit of the power battery or large capacity mobile phone battery . This involves improper use of the customer-the pole ear insulation is not considered when installing the metal outer box, and the battery smokes and burns abnormally at the installation site; the power battery also has common structural fixing measures that are insufficient, and the external insulation of the battery is caused by the shaking of the battery pack during user use The protective film is damaged or the connection line skin is damaged, which eventually leads to short circuit burning.

3. Overcharge explosion: This is the most dangerous and the most feared thing for enterprises, but it still appears occasionally. From the understanding of the situation, there are two points: a. The user does not use the matching charger as required, thereby destroying the protection circuit and the user often charges for an unlimited time. This situation is not difficult to explode; b. Battery configuration It is unreasonable and the protection board fails. In this case, it will be a mess, and the single battery is the same.

4. The material of the battery itself is not enough. If the material is not close, it may cause overheating under the calibrated voltage and current, which may cause an accident.

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