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Do you know Lithium Battery Maintenance Tips?

Mar. 31, 2020

Using the correct use and maintenance techniques can extend the life of the lithium-ion battery. Power Tool Batteries Supplier summarizes the following maintenance and use techniques of lithium-ion batteries:

1. Don't let the first charge time reach 12 hours

When we buy products with lithium batteries, many store attendants will tell us that the first charge of lithium batteries must reach 12 hours. In fact, this statement is incorrect. The lithium battery has been activated at the factory, and the self-discharge rate of the lithium battery is very low, so we don't need to charge the lithium battery for the first time for a long time like the ordinary nickel-cadmium / nickel-metal hydride battery. The lithium battery can be used when it is fully charged. Generally, the lithium battery can reach the optimal state after 3 to 5 complete cycles of charging and discharging (from a full cycle to the end of use).

Lithium Battery For Solar Lighting

Lithium Battery For Solar Lighting

2. Don't use inferior charger

Many friends take great care of their digimon, but ignore the lithium battery. When choosing a charger, if you cannot use the original charger, you must choose a brand charger with a better quality and overcharge protection. Inferior chargers make lithium batteries "short-lived" in the light, and charge and explode the batteries in the worst.

3. Don't overcharge often

Over-charging for a long period of time will keep the battery inside always in an "exciting" high-temperature state, which is not good for lithium batteries and chargers. Therefore, the standard for charging is fully charged. If the charger does not have overcharge protection, it is likely that the lithium battery will become a small bomb.

4. Do not touch metal objects

The contacts of the lithium battery should be wiped frequently, but it should be noted that when storing and carrying the battery, the contacts of the battery do not need to be in contact with metal objects. This will easily cause the battery to short circuit and shorten the life of the lithium battery.

5. Do not use it often in high or low temperature environment

Batteries have their own working and storage environment. Long-term exposure to high and low temperature environments will have a negative impact on the use time and life of lithium batteries.

6. Don't use or charge for a long time

If for some reason, the digital equipment and lithium battery at home may be left unused for more than 3 months, it will require us to periodically charge a certain amount of electricity for the lithium battery and then save it (the amount of each charge accounts for the total battery Only 30% to 70% of the power is sufficient, depending on storage time and battery capacity).

7. Do not use a freshly charged battery immediately

The temperature of the battery just after charging is still very high. If it is immediately placed in DV and DC equipment, it will easily cause the internal temperature of the electronic equipment to rise rapidly, which will have a great impact on the life of the electronic components.

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