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What is the Difference Between a Lead-Acid Battery and a Lithium Battery?

Mar. 24, 2020

As an Emergency Lighting Products Manufacturer, share the difference between lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

Currently, most electric vehicles on the market use lead-acid batteries. Its main features are. Reliable stability and mature technology. And can be recycled. In simple terms it is more economical. The depreciation price of the old battery recycling, the price advantage of the new battery is more obvious.

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

The disadvantage is that the quality and volume energy density of traditional lead-acid batteries are relatively low. The energy density is only about 1/3 of that of lithium-ion batteries and about 1/2 of that of nickel-hydrogen batteries, and the volume is relatively large. For occasions. The traditional lead-acid battery has a short cycle life, and the theoretical cycle number is about 1/3 of that of a lithium ion battery.

There is still much room for improvement of the cycle life of lead-acid batteries, especially lead-acid batteries with new materials, new structures and new technologies, such as bipolar lead-acid batteries and lead-carbon batteries. Lead is the main raw material of lead-acid batteries. Lead accounts for more than 60% of the battery quality, and the amount of lead used in lead-acid batteries worldwide accounts for more than 80% of the total lead used. Lead is a heavy metal. The lead-acid battery manufacturing industry chain (including primary lead smelting, battery manufacturing, battery recycling, and recycled lead smelting) has a high risk of lead pollution. Poor management can cause pollution to the environment and harm human health.

Then let's look at lithium batteries again. The most obvious feature is its smaller size. And it is lighter and easier to disassemble. It is understood that with the same capacity voltage, the weight of a lithium battery is only 1/2 or less of that of a lead-acid battery. Of course, the life of lithium batteries is longer. In fact, the use effect is twice that of lead-acid batteries.

of course. No matter what kind of product is not perfect. Lithium batteries are generally more expensive. It is double the lead-acid battery. And old batteries don't have any obvious advantages. Scrap directly. Just no value. This has no economic advantage to a large extent. Your battery has another fatal flaw. Is the poor security performance, there are great security risks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. After decades of development, lead-acid batteries are more economical and applicable. If you want to pursue. For the ultimate experience of electric vehicles, lithium batteries are a good choice. Better performance.

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