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Lithium Battery Protection Circuit

Aug. 25, 2018

Due to the high energy density of Lithium Batteries, it's difficult to ensure the protection of batteries. After the battery is overcharged, the electricity will probably be excessive when the temperature rises, so the electrolyte will decompose and produce gasoline, which will get the threat of spontaneous combustion or rupture due to the increasing of internal pressure; otherwise, under the overdischarge illness, the electrolyte will hamper the battery characteristics and durability due to decomposition, thus reducing the amount of charges.

The security circuit of lithium-ion battery is to ensure the security of over-charging and discharging, and to stop the deterioration of characteristics. The security circuit of lithium-ion batteries is composed of a protection IC and two power MOSFETs, where the protection IC monitors the voltage of the batteries, switches into a power MOSFET hanging out when discharging and interrogate, and protects the batteries. The function of the protection IC is overcharging protection, overdischarging protection and overcurrent/short circuit protection.

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