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What Is LiFePO4 And Why Is It A Better Choice?

Aug. 28, 2018

All lithium chemistries are not made equal. In reality, the majority of American consumers -- electronic fans apart -- are just acquainted with a restricted selection of lithium solutions. The most common versions are built from cobalt oxide, manganese oxide and nickel oxide formulations.

LiFePO4 Battery are best known for their strong safety profile, the result of exceptionally stable chemistry. Phosphate-based batteries provide superior thermal and chemical equilibrium which offers an increase in safety over Li-ion Battery made out of other cathode materials. Lithium phosphate cells are incombustible, which is an important characteristic in case of mishandling during charging or discharging. They can also withstand harsh circumstances, make sure it freezing cold, scorching heat or rough terrain.

LiFePO4 batteries are non-toxic, non-contaminating and comprise no rare earth alloys, making them an environmentally conscious choice. Nickel oxide and Lead Acid Lithium Battery carry significant environmental risk (particularly lead acid, as inner chemicals degrade structure over team and eventually cause leakage).

LiFePO4 Battery

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