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How To Choose Best Outdoor Solar Lighting Battery LiFePO4?

Aug. 31, 2018

How to choose best solar powered lights for outdoors when you buy solar lantern? The battery, solar panel, led fixture and controller are the main parts which the quality of the outside solar powered lights. And Godson Technology share the Lithium Battery For Solar Lighting.

The lithium ion battery would be the primary parts which deside that the life-span and light time of this solar powered directed lamp. Lithium iron phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) along with MnNiCo ternary battery powered (LiMn2O4) would be both kinds Lithium Battery Fot Solar system.

According to the requirements, Solar Lighting Battery LiFePO4 are employed in the majority of the countries due to the life-span and functioning temperature. LiMn2O4 battery will probably be harmful in the majority of place in summer. And to a cold place for example Canada, adnlite information use LiMn2O4 batterylife. To create the very long term span, we can use after power of this LiMn2O4 batterylife.

Solar Lighting Battery LiFePO4

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