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Best Charging Time For E-Bike Battery

Sep. 05, 2018

Godson Technology reminds you: the best charging time for E-Bike Battery:

The electric vehicle battery should determine whether it needs to be charged according to the power consumption. Please refer to the following charging methods.

When 100% runs out of electricity, the general charging time will be 8~10 hours, not more than 12 hours (the E-bike battery 48V, 36V, 52v life will be affected). It is not recommended to use up the electricity every time. It is generally recommended to use electricity at Charging is performed at around 70%, and the charging time is generally 6-8 hours. If it is a short-stroke recommendation, you can charge once a week when the electricity consumption is 10% per day. When the electricity consumption is 20% per day, it can be charged once every three days. When the electricity consumption is 30% per day, it can be charged once every two days. When the daily electricity consumption is above 40%, it can be charged once a day to control the charging time, usually around 6 hours.

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