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Precautions for the Use of E-bike Battery

Jul. 13, 2018

E-bike Battery Supplier tell you: E-bike Batteries pay attention to the heat of summer don't charging in the sun, and all E-bike battery charging frequently. The charging time had better not too long don't more than 12 hours, the depth of discharge has much to do with life, how much is your battery with electricity, that's why let you frequently charge.

The battery is strictly prohibited from losing power when stored. The state of loss of power is that the battery is not charged in time after use. When the battery is stored in the state of loss of electricity, it is easy to have sulfuric acid salinization. Lead sulfate crystals attach to the plate and block the electric ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging and reduced battery capacity. The longer the battery is idle, the more serious the battery is damaged. Therefore, when the battery is idle, it should be recharged once a month, so as to keep the battery healthy.

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