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Learn About the Ni-Cd Batteries

Jul. 09, 2018

Developed by Waldemar Jungner in 1899, the Ni-Cd Batteries provided several advantages over lead acid, then the only other rechargeable battery nonetheless, the substances for Ni-Cd were pricey. Developments were slow, but in 1932, advancements were forced to deposit the active materials within a porous nickel-plated electrode. Further developments occurred in 1947 by absorbing the gases created during control, which led to the contemporary sealed Ni-Cd battery.

For several years,the Ni-Cd battery has been the preferred battery option for two-way radios, emergency medical equipment, professional video cameras and power tools. From the late 1980s, the ultra-high capacity NiCd rocked the world with capacities that were up to 60 percent greater than the normal NiCd. Packing more active substance into the cell achieved this, but the advantage was shadowed by higher internal resistance and reduced cycle depend.

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