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What Are the Major Factors that Contribute to the Cycling Performance of Lithium Batteries?

Jul. 18, 2018

The importance of the cycle performance of Lithium Batteries needless to say, in terms of macroscopic, longer cycle life means less resource consumption, therefore, the influence factors of lithium ion battery cycle, is each lithium electricity industry related personnel have to consider the problem.

1, water

Too much moisture and the cathode active material adverse events, and destroying the structure, in turn, affect the circulation, too much water also not conducive to the formation of the SEI film, but in difficult to remove traces of moisture at the same time, the trace amounts of water can also be a certain extent to ensure the performance of the batteries.

2. Positive and negative electrode compaction

Anode compaction is too high, although can improve the energy density of batteries, but also a certain extent, reduce the circulation of the material performance, from the theory to analysis, the compaction, the greater the equivalent of the greater the damage to the structure of the material, and the structure of the material is to guarantee the foundation of the lithium ion battery can be recycled,

3. Objective conditions of the test

Test in the process of charging and discharging rate, cut-off voltage, charging cut-off current, in the test charge discharge, testing the room temperature, all of a sudden interruption in the process of testing, test points and outside factors, such as batteries, contact resistance will be more or less affect the cycle performance test result.

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