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How Should We Use E-bike Battery Correctly?

Mar. 07, 2018

If you are considering buying your own electric bike, then you should know something about how to help make maximize the life of your E-bike Battery.

The cycle life of most battery are based on 80% DOD.  If you discharge more than this each time, the cycle life can be reduced. Then the batteries will also slowly lose capacity over time so the extra 20% capacity gives you an added buffer zone before you need to replace them.  Don't forget to add any electrical loads from accessories that are powered from your battery pack such as lights and a heated jacket if you intend on using one.

Another important thing to consider is your battery capacity will decrease as the temperature gets colder. You will have approximately 15% decrease in capacity when you riding in temperatures close to or below freezing so you may need a larger capacity pack if you intend on riding in cold weather.

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