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Do you Know the Advantages of Lithium Battery?

Mar. 10, 2018

Lithium Batteries have the advantage of using lithium, which is the element that is the most easily oxidized. It means that it can give up an electron easily, then used by the circuit to power itself. In addition, As we all know that lithium is the lightest metal, therefore it allows for portability and the material can be shaped easily.

Lithium cannot be used as cathode by itself, since it is so reactive that it would form a salt with non-metals in the environment immediately. This is most aptly demonstrated by the fact that lithium cannot be found in native form or in elemental form in nature. More commonly, it is found in the form of lithium chloride and other halide salts. In addition, native lithium spontaneously ignites and even reacts violently with water, necessitating its storage under oil.

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