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Do You Know How to Select the AEG Battery?

Mar. 03, 2018

An important component of AEG is the battery.  It can provide the power to keep the motor running and make the gun do its job.  It can really make a big difference if you choose a good battery. Then do you know how to select the AEG Battery?

When you picking out a new battery these are the numbers you need to consider:

1. mAh Rating - This number can show you how long the battery will last.  A higher number means a larger battery and longer play time between re-charges.

2. Voltage - This number means power output of the battery.  The higher voltage means more power.

3. Connector Type - There are two types and two sizes of connectors. The types are male and female and the sizes are large and small. A male connector can only connect to a female connector of the same size.

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