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Which is Better Compared to Lithium Ion Batteries and Lead-Acid Batteries?

Aug. 05, 2021

As the world’s most advanced secondary battery (rechargeable battery), lithium-ion batteries have become high-capacity due to their small size, lighter weight, high specific energy, long life, no memory, environmental protection, and reliability. Ideal switching power supply for rechargeable batteries-instrument panel. Under the same working voltage and volume, compared with lead-acid batteries, the volume decreases gradually, and the net weight is reduced by a quarter. The service life of rechargeable batteries is three times that of lead-acid batteries. The volume and net weight of lithium batteries are only half of nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium batteries, and their service life is twice that of nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. As an Emergency Lighting Battery Supplier, share with you.

Lithium Battery For Solar

Lithium Battery For Solar

Lead rechargeable batteries are one of the more commonly used rechargeable batteries. Use laminated glass or a plastic earthenware pot, add hydrochloric acid, and then insert two graphite plates, one positive stage is connected to the charging head, and the other negative stage is connected to the charging head. After charging the battery for more than ten hours, the rechargeable battery will be produced.

Lithium battery:

The use of lithium as a negative-level rechargeable battery is a new high-energy battery developed after the 1960s. Lithium battery electrolyte:

1. High temperature molten salt lithium battery;

2. Organic electrolyte lithium battery;

3. Inorganic non-aqueous electrolyte lithium battery;

4. Solid electrolyte lithium battery;

5. Lithium-ion battery

The advantages of lithium-ion batteries are high working voltage, high energy density, long storage life (up to ten years), high and low temperature test characteristics, and can be used in the range of -40°C to 150°C. The development trend of power engineering lithium batteries and new battery cathode materials, especially the development trend of lithium iron phosphate battery raw materials, has greatly promoted the development trend of lithium batteries. Our company has Lithium Battery For Solar, welcome to contact us.

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