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What are the Types of Cylindrical Lithium Batteries?

Sep. 28, 2020

As a Power Tool Batteries Exporter, share with you. Cylindrical lithium batteries can be divided into lithium cobalt oxide batteries, lithium manganese oxide batteries, and ternary lithium batteries. The three battery materials have their own characteristics, and rechargeable batteries are widely used in: notebooks, digital technology SLRs, lighting fixtures, electric toy cars, hardware tools, handheld mobile energy and other fields. So what are the types of cylindrical lithium batteries?

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 Lithium Battery For Solar

The first cylindrical lithium battery: 16340 lithium battery.

This 16340 lithium battery is a lithium battery with a diameter of 16mm and a height of 34mm. Due to its low foot height and large volume, it often appears in strong light flashlights, LED flashlights, headlights, laser lights, lighting equipment, etc.

The second type of cylindrical lithium battery: 18650 lithium battery.

The 18650 type lithium battery is a lithium battery with a diameter of 18mm and a height of 65mm. Its major feature is that it has high specific energy, which is close to 170 Wh/kg. Therefore, this type of rechargeable battery is more cost-effective. Most of the common ones are It is this kind of rechargeable battery, because it is a relatively complete lithium battery, and the system software quality at all levels is stable. It is generally suitable for places where the battery power is up to 10 kWh, such as mobile phones, notebooks and other small appliances.

The third type of cylindrical lithium battery: 21700 lithium battery.

Because the volume of the 21700 lithium battery is enlarged, the space utilization is improved, and the specific energy of the single lithium battery cell and the system software can be increased. Therefore, the lithium battery with a diameter of 21mm and a height of 70mm has a much higher volume than the 18650 lithium battery and is widely used Digital technology, battery car, electric balance car, solar power lithium battery road street lamp, LED lamp, pneumatic tool and other industries.

The fourth type of cylindrical lithium battery: 10440 lithium battery.

The 10440 rechargeable battery is a lithium battery with a diameter of 10 mm and a height of 44 mm. Like the AAA battery that everyone often says, its volume is generally small, only a few hundred mAh. It is mainly used for small and medium-sized electronic devices. . For example, camera flash, small speakers, wireless amplifiers.

Advantages of cylindrical lithium battery:

1. Cylindrical lithium batteries have produced a series of internationally unified specifications and specifications, and the processing technology is relatively complete, which is suitable for large-scale continuous production.

2. Under normal circumstances, the cylindrical lithium battery is a sealed battery, and there is no maintenance problem in the whole process of application.

Third, the lithium battery shell has high compression resistance, and it is not easy to appear in the whole process of application, such as square shape and soft pack battery swelling.

3. The cylinder has a larger surface area and excellent heat dissipation.

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