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What should I do if the Ni-Cd Battery is not charged?

Oct. 22, 2019

  Ni-Cd Battery as a DC-powered battery, can maintain the charge and discharge hundreds of times under normal use, but the disadvantage is that, in the case of improper use, it is easy to recover the original power and damage the battery. Then, as a Ni-Cd Battery Pack Supplier, Xiaobian will tell you how to do if the nickel-cadmium battery is not charged.

Ni-Cd Battery

Ni-Cd Battery

  Ni-Cd Battery is a kind of DC-powered battery with small internal resistance, large electric quantity and stable discharge current voltage, but the shortcoming is also fatal, which also affects the quality of use. That is, the nickel-cadmium battery has "memory effect".

  The "memory effect" means that if the battery is not completely discharged, it will be lost on the basis of undischarged, and charging will not use some of the undischarged power. To make an analogy: discharge to 10% of the power, and then take it to charge, this will produce a "memory effect", that is, after full charge, it will become 90% of the original power.

  Therefore, when using a nickel-cadmium battery, we should discharge it as completely as possible, and then take it to charge, so as to ensure the service life.

  What should I do if the nickel-cadmium battery is not charged?

  When we use the battery for a certain period of time, we will find that there is no charge, then there are the following possibilities:

  1, repeated "memory effect" caused the battery power to shrink to very small;

  2. The internal structure of the battery is damaged;

  3. The battery has not controlled the heat during use, resulting in an additional reaction;

  4. The service life is too long, charging and discharging more than 500 times.

  In general, when we use a nickel-cadmium battery, we need a charger that can discharge, so that our battery is completely discharged and then charged.

  Similarly, when we can't charge it, we can also use a discharge device to discharge, and after 24 hours of discharge, we will charge it again.

  If the internal structure of the battery has gone through a high temperature and an additional reaction has changed, the life of the Ni-Cd battery may end, so we must pay attention to the maintenance of the battery when using it.

  It is also possible to add a voltage of 5 times to the Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery, that is, more than 6V, and the charging current is controlled at 1 times C10 of the battery, for example, a battery of 1.2V1700MAH, and a voltage of 6~7V is applied thereto, and the charging current is applied. Maintaining around 1.5A~1.7A, charging for 20 minutes, stopping for 20 minutes, lasting about 8 hours, the average battery can recover more than 60% of the capacity. You can try.

  In the process of charging, it is better to ensure that the temperature of the battery does not exceed 40 degrees. When the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the charging is stopped, and the battery temperature is lowered and then recharged, and the charging current is lowered a little, and it is completed anyway. 8 hours of the process.

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