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Characteristics and differences between Ni-Cd Battery and lithium battery

Oct. 10, 2019

  First, the characteristics of Ni-Cd Battery

  1. Ni-Cd Battery can be recharged and discharged more than 500 times, which is very economical;

  2. The internal resistance is small, and it can be discharged by a large current. When it discharges, the voltage changes little, and as a DC power source, it is an excellent quality battery;

  3. Because it is completely sealed, there is no leakage of electrolyte, and there is no need to replenish the electrolyte at all;

  4. Compared with other types of batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries can withstand overcharging or discharging, and the operation is simple and convenient;

  5. Long-term placement will not degrade performance. When the battery is fully charged, the original characteristics can be restored.

  6. Can be used over a wide temperature range;

  7. Because it is made of a metal container, it is mechanically strong;

  8. Nickel-cadmium batteries are manufactured under very strict quality control and have excellent quality.

Ni-Cd Battery  

Ni-Cd Battery

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  Then the characteristics of the lithium battery:

  1. With high energy density, it has 1.5 times the volume energy and 2 times the weight energy density compared with the high-capacity nickel-cadmium battery.

  2. High voltage, the average operating voltage is 3.6V, which is three times that of Ni-Cd Battery and Ni-MH batteries.

   3. Use voltage flat and high capacity;

  4. Load characteristics, 2C discharge is possible;

  5. Wide use temperature -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

  6. Excellent charge and discharge life, after 500 discharges, its capacity is at least 70%.

  The difference between Ni-Cd Battery and lithium battery:

  1. Weight aspect

  In terms of the voltage of each unit cell, both Ni-MH batteries and Ni-Cd Battery  are 1.2V, while lithium batteries are indeed 3.6V, and the voltage of lithium batteries is three times that of the other two. And the weight of the same type of battery lithium battery is almost equal to the nickel-cadmium battery, while the Ni-Cd Battery is relatively heavy. It can be seen that the weight of each battery itself is different, but the lithium battery is reduced by 1/3 of the single battery when outputting the same voltage due to the high voltage of 3.6V, so that the weight and volume of the battery after molding are reduced.

  2. Memory effect

  Ni-Cd Battery  have the same memory effect as Ni-MH batteries.Therefore, regular discharge management is also required. This kind of periodic discharge management is handled in a fuzzy state, and some even discharge under the incorrect knowledge (the discharge is different for each discharge or after several uses). This cumbersome discharge management It is unavoidable when using NiMH batteries. Relative lithium batteries are very convenient and simple to use because they have no memory effect at all. It does not have to pay attention to the residual voltage, it can be charged directly, and the charging time can naturally be shortened.

  3. Self-discharge rate

  Ni-Cd Battery are 15 to 30% (months). Ni-MH batteries are 25 to 35% (months), and lithium batteries are 2 to 5% (months). The above nickel-hydrogen battery has the highest self-discharge rate, and the lithium battery has a very low discharge rate compared with the other two types of batteries.

  4. Charging method

  NiMH batteries and lithium batteries cannot withstand overcharging. Therefore, in the PICK CUT control mode in which the NiMH battery is charged at a constant current, when the charging voltage reaches the maximum, the charging is stopped and the charging mode is the best. Lithium batteries use the constant current and constant voltage methods to charge the best. If the nickel-cadmium battery charger-DV control method is used for charging, the nickel-metal hydride battery and the lithium battery.

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