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Ni-Mh Battery and Lithium Battery, Which is Better?

Nov. 01, 2017

Nickel Medal Hydride Battery and China Lithium Battery, which is better? This is not a conclusion, both have their own advantages. Mainly to see what is your appliance? Like lithium battery is suitable for mobile phone, but in digital camera, has high demand for current amount, and power consumption is much larger than mobile phone, the output part of Ni-MH battery is slightly better.

1.Single voltage of lithium battery is 3.2V and 3.7V, single cell Ni-MH battery 1.2V, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with a single voltage of 3.2V.

2.Lithium battery has no memory effect, Ni-MH battery has memory effect.

3.Lithium battery does not contain heavy metals cadmium.

4.Lithium battery manufacturing and use is environmental protection, no pollution.

5.The specific capacity of lithium battery is high. 

6.The unit price of Li-polymer battery is high.

7.Li-polymer battery has long cycle life.

8.The lithium battery specifications is more specific than Ni-MH battery, versatility is not strong.

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