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What Is the Feature of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery?

Oct. 28, 2017

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery features can be summed up as follows:

1.High efficiency output: standard discharge of 2-5C, continuous high current discharge up to 10C, instantaneous pulse discharge up to 20C. 

2.The performance is good at high temperature, the structure of the battery is safe and intact.

3.Even if the LiFePO4 battery is damaged inside or outside, the battery does not burn, explode, it has the best safety.

4.Excellent cycle life, after 500 cycles, the discharge capacity is still greater than 95%.

5.LiFePO4 Battery can charge quickly and low cost, no memory effect. 

6.Small volume and light weight.

7.No pollution to the environment. The battery does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, comply with the European ROHS regulations, it is absolute green environmental protection battery.

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