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How to Activate Lithium Batteries that Have not Been Used for a Long Time?

Aug. 11, 2020

As an Emergency Lighting Battery Supplier, share with you. Many people are riding electric bikes. This kind of practical, simple and easy-to-operate means of transportation is no exaggeration. Anyone who can ride a bicycle can easily learn it. Riding an electric bike is easy to learn, but how to maintain an electric bike? How to better maintain electric car batteries? It is possible that some car owners have not been riding an electric car for a long time, and if they want to use it again, they find that the battery is not available. How to activate the battery if the lithium battery has not been charged for a long time?

LiFePO4 Battery

LiFePO4 Battery

There are two types of lithium-ion batteries commonly used in the market, lithium manganate batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. If these two types of batteries are not used, they must be stored scientifically. Lithium-ion batteries have a certain self-discharge rate. Generally around 5%-10%, lithium-ion batteries can be stored for 1-2 months without charging. However, this does not mean that lithium-ion batteries can not be charged for so long. The proposed storage method is to charge it at intervals even if it is not used for a long time.

How to activate a long-term lithium battery:

1: Series rechargeable batteries increase the working voltage, first connect to all ordinary 12V rechargeable batteries, such as 48v/20a rechargeable batteries, and then connect to a series of 12V rechargeable batteries, the working voltage can be slightly reduced to 13v, and then connect to the main charging The head can be charged, wait for the light to reach the green charging head, after the series rechargeable battery is removed, all ordinary batteries can be charged.

2: Parallel battery transfer voltage, a series rechargeable battery is connected to a rechargeable battery of the same specification, such as a 48v/20a rechargeable battery, and a series connected to a set of normal rechargeable batteries. At this time, the working voltage will flow into a low-voltage rechargeable battery for recharging the battery. After charging, the battery can be connected to the charging head.

3: Low-voltage battery charging. If the lithium-ion battery has no battery charging for a long time, it can first use a small bottom voltage charging head for slow battery charging, such as 60v/20a rechargeable battery, to 48v/20a rechargeable small battery, or it can be charged.

According to the above method, the purpose of activating the "starved" lithium battery can be achieved. If the method is difficult to achieve, or the technical professional brand repair shop should be repaired immediately, except for the hot summer and high temperature weather, the battery charger should also be used. Note that do not expose to heat in the rechargeable battery in hot weather. If the battery capacity is too low, charge it immediately. Lithium should be used at any time to maintain a shallow circulation system for a longer time.

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