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How to Improve the Energy Density of the Lithium Battery System?

Aug. 18, 2020

As an Emergency Lighting Battery Exporter, share with you. Increasing the energy density of a battery system is a systematic project that can start from the development of new materials, optimizing the battery structure, and improving the manufacturing process.

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

1. Enhanced lithium battery material

Using different organic chemical management systems, you can change the specific energy. Many lithium-ion batteries have volume damage during the entire process of charging a battery, and some lithium-ion batteries are damaged during the entire cycle of the entire cycle system. Therefore, lithium-ion batteries or lithium-ion battery electrolyte filling technology It is also the main research content of new batteries.

2. Optimize the layout structure

At present, most battery packs are constructed with various fixing cards and supporting elements in various fixed battery packs. Many structural elements have a large volume and mass, which greatly reduces the high efficiency of overall integration and adjusts the battery pack’s high efficiency. The layout structure simplifies the structure of various installation support points, and enables the lithium-ion battery pack to have a higher volume in a relatively limited room space.

3. Change the specifications of rechargeable batteries

Changing the specifications of rechargeable batteries is also a major aspect of expansion. For example, by changing the length and total width of the rechargeable battery, the lithium-ion battery becomes flatter and narrower within a certain volume, which is beneficial to the overall arrangement of the lithium-ion battery in the battery pack and can increase the space of the power lithium-ion battery Utilization rate, producing a battery pack with greater energy. This kind of plane design can also make the lithium ion core have a larger total heat extraction area, so that the lithium ion core can immediately transfer the heat generated inside to the outside world, prevent the heat generated by the internal accumulation, and better match the higher Than energy.

4. Application of light materials

In the application of raw materials, in addition to the upgrade of lithium-ion battery materials, the improvement of battery pack materials is also an important measure to increase the ratio of energy to rechargeable battery system software. At present, the battery box materials mostly use aluminum alloy materials, high-strength steel materials and polymer materials. The relative density of aluminum alloy profiles is relatively small, only one-third of the steel. The use of aluminum alloy profiles instead of steel can significantly reduce the net weight of the battery, while the aluminum alloy profiles will continue to produce a layer of high-density and stable oxide air film, which is resistant Corrosive, it is a high-quality lightweight battery material; high-strength steel, high-strength steel rechargeable battery shell can be lighter, and the cost is also lower, better than traditional high-carbon steel raw materials. Our company also has Solar Lighting Battery Lithium on sale, welcome to contact us.

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