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How to Change UPS Battery to Lithium Battery?

Jan. 19, 2021

As an Emergency Lighting Products Manufacturer, share with you. Pre-preparation work: After receiving the notification of the replacement of the rechargeable battery, the battery replacement implementation engineer went to the spot to carry out the preparatory work: to ensure the input switching power supply of the UPS server, the registration and inspection of the new and old batteries, and the airtightness of the smoke probes of the fire fighting facilities in the computer room. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and other related work. Before the UPS server, old battery packs, rechargeable battery monitors and other machinery and equipment are dismantled and replaced with lithium batteries, prepare relevant records, especially the placement of rechargeable batteries in each layer, the wiring of rechargeable battery monitors, the identification, and the connection diagram. . Ensure that the actual effect of the rechargeable battery after changing the battery is consistent with the reaction of the original battery.

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

Solar Lighting Battery Lithium

1. Volume calculation After the dismantling and replacement of UPS lithium batteries, what must be done gradually is to carry out the calculation of battery power. Calculate the volume of the lithium battery that must be replaced according to the volume of the original lead-acid battery. Although the volume of the lithium battery is smaller than that of the lead-acid battery under the same volume, you don’t have to worry about using the same volume of the UPS lithium battery for replacement. Such personal behavior is not excellent.

2. Lithium battery pack. Generally speaking, it is not easy to have a lithium battery with the same volume as the original UPS lead-acid battery. Generally speaking, the hands-on masters must operate separate small-volume lithium batteries in series and parallel by themselves, and install safety maintenance components to form a lithium battery pack. This type of lithium battery pack consists of an independent lithium battery, which is good for replacing lead-acid batteries.

3. Inspection After the lithium battery pack is equipped, in order to better consider the safety, it is necessary to carry out several inspections on the UPS lithium battery pack. Carry out safety factor inspection for lithium batteries, and after replacement with lead-acid batteries, safety factor inspection must also be carried out. In order to better consider safety, it is always right to do more inspections.

4. Installation. After several tests, it was confirmed that the replacement of lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries was a success, and the overall home improvement could only be carried out afterward. Assemble the UPS battery again in an appropriate way to repair the consistency of the appearance, and then carry out the overall inspection. After the inspection is carried out, it can be regarded as a real replacement.

5. Check whether everything is normal for the lithium battery pack and UPS power supply system. After the battery replacement work is in progress, use a digital multimeter to check the total working voltage of the lithium battery pack, the positive, negative, and neutral point connections. After confirming that the rechargeable battery and the UPS battery server are all working normally, turn off the rechargeable battery power switch, and the UPSups power system software resumes work.

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