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Do You Know When Was the Battery Invented?

Aug. 04, 2018

Explore the oldest kinds of batteries along with the coming of power. Among the most remarkable and novel discoveries within the past 400 years has been power. We may ask,"Has power been about that long?" The solution is yes, and possibly more. Its practical usage has just been at our disposal because the mid to late 1800s, and in a limited manner in the beginning. A number of the first public functions gaining focus were roads lighting in Berlin in 1882, light up the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 with 250,000 light bulbs, also hammering a bridge across the river Seine throughout the Paris 1900 World Fair. The usage of power may go back farther. While building a railroad in 1936 near Baghdad, employees uncovered what seemed like a prehistoric battery, also referred to as the Parthian Battery. The battery consisted of a clay jar which was full of a vinegar solution into that an iron pole surrounded by a copper pipe was inserted. This apparatus produced 1.1 to 2.0 volts of power.

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