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Knowledge of Explosion-Proof Technology for Lithium Battery

Aug. 10, 2018

As Lithium Battery Pack Supplier, today we brief introduce some knowledge of explosion-proof technology of batteries.

Lithium is the smallest and most active metal on the chemical periodic table. Because of its small size and high capacity density, it is widely welcomed by consumers and engineers. However, if the chemical properties are too lively, the risk is very high. When lithium metal is exposed to air, it will react with oxygen and explode. To improve safety and voltage, scientists have invented materials such as graphite and lithium cobalt to store lithium atoms. The molecular structure of these materials forms tiny nanoscale storage lattices that can be used to store lithium atoms. In this way, even if the battery shell breaks down and the oxygen enters, it can not get into these tiny cells because of the oxygen molecules too large, so that the lithium atoms do not contact with oxygen to avoid the explosion. This principle of Lithium Batteries enables people to obtain high capacity density, but also to achieve safety purposes.

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