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Brief Introduction of Ni-Cd Battery

Oct. 16, 2017

Ni-Cd Battery is a DC power supply battery, it can be repeated more than 500 times charge and discharge, economical and durable. Its internal resistance is small, can quickly charge, but also for the load to provide large current, and discharge voltage change is very small. It is the earliest type of battery used in mobile phones, super instruments, Emergency Lighting Products, it has good high current discharge characteristics, strong ability of overcharge and discharge, simple maintenance and so on. 

The most fatal disadvantage of Ni-Cad Battery is that if memory is not handled properly during charging and discharging, serious “memory effect” will occur, which will shorten service life greatly. Of course, we can reduce the “memory effect” by mastering the reasonable charging and discharging method. 

Ni-Cd Battery

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