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How To Maintenance Ni-Mh Battery in Using?

Oct. 19, 2017

1.Avoid overcharging during Ni-Mh Battery use in the process of using life cycle, because it is easy to make positive and negative charge swell, causing damage to active material shedding and diaphragm, conductive network failure and ohmic polarization became large and so on.

2.Prevent electrolyte deterioration. During the cycle life of Nickel Medal Hydride Battery, hydrogen evolution should be suppressed.

3.Pay attention to storage of Ni-Mh battery. Charged it fully then save it. If not stored in the battery electric energy under the condition of long-term preservation of the battery, will weaken the battery cathode hydrogen storage alloy function, and shorten the battery life time.

4.Charge after exhaustion. Nickel Cadmium Battery and Ni-Mh battery is the same, all have “memory effect”, that is, if the battery is charged repeatedly under the condition that battery is still in the state of electric energy, the battery can not be used quickly.

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