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Analysis Of Fast Charging Technology Of Lithium Battery

Nov. 19, 2018

The maximum acceptable charging current boundary condition of a Lithium Battery requires not only the factors of the lithium battery cell but also the system level factors, such as the heat dissipation capability, and the maximum acceptable charging current of the system is different. There are many ways to charge lithium batteries. Lithium Battery Pack Supplier tell you , for fast charging requirements, the main methods include pulse charging, Reflex charging, and smart charging.

Pulse charging

Compared with the conventional charging method, the pulse charging can be charged at a large current, and the concentration polarization and the ohmic polarization of the battery are eliminated during the shutdown period, so that the charging of the next round is performed more smoothly, and the charging speed is fast. The change in temperature is small and has little effect on battery life, so it is currently widely used. But its shortcomings are obvious: a power supply with a limited current function is required, which increases the cost of the pulse charging method.

2.Reflex fast charging method

The lithium battery intermittent charging method includes a variable current intermittent charging method and a variable voltage intermittent charging method.

3. Intelligent charging method

This kind of intelligent method generally combines advanced algorithm technologies such as neural network and fuzzy control to realize automatic optimization of the system.

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