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Is Emergency Lighting Battery Ni-Cd Better Than NiMH?

Nov. 22, 2018

NiCad (nickel cadmium) battery choice to your own Emergency Lights and Exit Lights. All these Emergency Lighting Battery Ni-Cd are built to match and replace the emergency lighting batteries or the exit light battery that came with your emergency lighting.

Emergency Lighting Battery Supplier tell you several reasons.

1. Lower self discharge rate

2. Better recovery from deep discharge for Example Can Happen in prolonged mains outage.

3. Cheaper

4. Ni-Cd Battery May generally be used with More Affordable chargers.The Emergency Lighting Battery Ni-Mh Can't be Just charged at double the trickle charge rate, and trickle Billed therafter unless they've Mobile.

5. NiCd has better high temperature performance than NiMH

6. Individual mobile tracking, is not as inclined to be required to get a NiCd battery pack, compared to a Ni-MH Battery Packs, since NiCd is much stronger than NiMH.

Conclusion that NiCd is the way forward for Emergency Lighting Battery.

Emergency Lighting Battery Ni-Cd

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