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Solar charging bulb HS-V52



    LED Qty:42

    Lithium-ion Battery:18650*4

    Charging Mode:Charger + Solar Charging

    Endurance time 5-8 hours

Solar charging bulb HS-V52

3LED Qty42
4Lithium-ion Battery18650*4
5Switch controlTraditional switch + remote control
6Charging ModeCharger + Solar Charging
7Electric quantity displayIntelligent four speed display
8Gear5 gears(Strong light, Medium light, Low light, Fast flash, Slow flash)
9Endurance time5-8 hours

Product Advantage:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: Using multi-core patch and 120 high brightness LED beads as light source, all-round three-dimensional lighting, high efficiency and energy saving.

2. Safe and long life: Use energy-saving and environment-friendly rechargeable lithium battery, stable voltage output, endurance up to 5-8 hours.

3. Health eye care: High Performance PC light transmission lampshade surface light transmission design, 360 ° all-round soft light, not dazzling, more care for your eyes.

4. Solar charging: High quality A-class polysilicon solar panel, higher photoelectric conversion.

5. USB charging interface: Support multi protocol, can quickly charge mobile phone, outdoor emergency charging.

6. Remote control: Configure portable remote control, intelligent control, get rid of the high bound.

7. Battery indicator light: Four levels of power display, real-time grasp the battery life status, timely charging, be prepared.

8. Intelligent five gear: Multi gear operation, one key switch, sensitive and convenient.

    One strong light mode: outdoor lighting at night, etc

    Second grade medium light mode: household power failure lighting, etc

    Three low light mode: night light, wake up lighting, etc

    Four flash mode: SOS flash for help, etc

    Five speed slow flash mode: warning

Product Pictures:

Solar charging bulb HS-V51

Solar charging bulb HS-V51

Solar charging bulb HS-V51




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