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Why Choose LiFePO4 Battery?

Jan. 09, 2019

LiFePO4 Battery is a famous lithium ion technology in China because of the broad use and suitability to a broad selection of applications.

Attributes of low cost, higher security and great energy that is specific, make this a powerful alternative for many applications. Of all of the lithium possibilities available, there are numerous explanations for why Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery was chosen as the perfect lithium technologies for replacement of SLA. The key motives come down to its favourable characteristics when searching at the principal software where SLA presently exist. LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer will tell you several features,

1. Similar voltage to SLA (3.2V per cell x 4 = 12.8V) making them ideal for SLA replacement.

2. Safest form of the lithium technologies.

3. Environmentally friendly –phosphate is not hazardous and so is friendly both to the environment and not a health risk.

4. Wide temperature range.

LiFePO4 Battery

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