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What is the LiMnO2 Battery?

Sep. 02, 2021

In recent years, the development of electronic products has been extremely rapid, with diversification of their products and wider application areas. LiMnO2 Battery has a high energy density requirement and is a small power supply that can work reliably and safely for a long time. LiMnO2 Battery has excellent characteristics. As a wholesaler of LiMnO2 Battery, I will introduce LiMnO2 Battery to you.


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Introduction of LiMnO2 Battery

LiMnO2 Battery

LiMnO2 Battery 

LiMnO2 Battery uses special process-treated manganese dioxide as the positive electrode active material, and uses high-potential and high-specific energy lithium metal as the negative electrode active material. The electrolyte uses an organic electrolyte solution with good conductivity. The battery structure is fully sealed and semi-sealed. Two forms of composition.

LiMnO2 Battery is currently the most used lithium button battery with a basic voltage of 3.0V and a maximum capacity of 1200m AH.

Advantages of LiMnO2 Battery

1. The rated voltage of LiMnO2 Battery is 3.0 volts, which is about twice that of dry batteries.

2. The discharge voltage is stable, the storage performance is good, the high rate discharge performance is good, the rapid pulse discharge performance is good, the wide use temperature, the product is safe and environmentally friendly.

3. The price is relatively low: the cathode active material manganese dioxide adopts electrolytic manganese dioxide, which is a relatively cheap kind of lithium battery cathode active material, which can be widely promoted and applied.

4. A wide variety of batteries: batteries include button batteries, column batteries, and rectangular batteries. It can meet the requirements of a variety of applications.

5. Long battery storage life: The battery storage life exceeds 10 years under normal temperature conditions, and the annual capacity drops by about 1%.

Disadvantages of LiMnO2 Battery

Although the cost of LiMnO2 Battery is low, the cycle life is not good, especially in high temperature environment, the cycle life is worse, and the phenomenon of manganese ion leaching may even occur at high temperature. High temperature causes serious self-discharge, resulting in poor energy storage characteristics.

Application of LiMnO2 Battery

It is widely used in digital cameras, portable computers, handheld computers, various smart card meters (water meters, electric meters, gas meters), alarm systems, emergency lights, medical equipment, remote control equipment and toys.

LiMnO2 Battery is widely used in the civilian market with its excellent performance and low price, and it is currently one of the most mature series of lithium batteries.

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