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What are the Types of Explosion-proof Batteries?

Jun. 25, 2019

In industrial or mining, batteries are essential electrical products. However, in these special circumstances, the safety of the battery is very low, so the battery must be equipped with an explosion-proof function. As a Ni-Cd Battery Pack Manufacturer, we will introduce the types of explosion-proof batteries.

1. One-time explosion-proof battery is also called explosion-proof dry battery. After the power is used, it can not be re-used and reused. It is simple, reliable and easy to manage.

2. Secondary explosion-proof battery, also known as explosion-proof battery, can be used repeatedly, but it is strictly used and rigorously managed, otherwise it will affect the effect and life. Due to the complex structure, the explosion-proof performance is a little worse than the one-time explosion-proof battery.

3. Hybrid explosion-proof battery: It has the characteristics of electronic explosion-proof battery and mechanical explosion-proof battery. Sometimes a single electronic or mechanical type can not achieve the explosion-proof effect, only mixed explosion-proof batteries, such as lead-acid explosion-proof batteries.

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4. Mechanical type explosion-proof battery, generally the battery is equipped with an explosion-proof valve. When the internal pressure of the battery rises, the explosion-proof valve promptly discharges the battery to prevent the battery from exploding.

5. Electronic explosion-proof battery, the battery is equipped with explosion-proof circuit to ensure that the working current of the appliance is controlled. In addition, it also ensures that the battery is in a working state, as is the case with some lithium batteries.

6. Ordinary explosion-proof battery is a general explosion-proof battery. Its explosion-proof effect is strictly conditional, otherwise it is not explosion-proof. The vast majority of the market is ordinary explosion-proof batteries, including lead-acid explosion-proof batteries.

7. Free-explosion-proof batteries, no matter what the circumstances, no explosion. This is the best explosion-proof battery. This kind of battery is needed in coal mines. For example, KDZ-1 explosion-proof battery, there are very few manufacturers of VI-free explosion-proof batteries, because the technology is difficult.

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