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The Causes Of The Explosion Of Lithium Batteries

Apr. 29, 2019

As a Lithium Battery Pack Supplier, let's analyze the cause of the explosion of a lithium battery:

1. Internal polarization is large;

2. The pole piece absorbs water and the echo drum is generated with the electrolyte;

3. The quality of the electrolyte itself, the performance title;

4. The amount of liquid injection during the injection time does not meet the process requirements;

5. The laser welding and welding sealing performance is poor in the process of the device, and the air leakage is measured.

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6. Dust, extreme dust is easy to cause micro-short circuit, the cause of the cause is unknown;

7. The positive and negative electrode sheets are thicker than the process area, and it is difficult to enter the shell;

8. The title of the liquid injection seal, the bad performance of the steel ball seal leads to the air drum;

9. The shell material has a thick shell wall, and the shell deformation affects the thickness;

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