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What do the SOC and SOH of Lithium Ion Battery Stand for?

Nov. 03, 2020

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SOC refers to the state of charge, also known as the remaining power consumption, indicating the ratio of the remaining volume of the rechargeable battery after a period of time or long-term use, and the volume of the fully charged battery. It is generally expressed as a percentage. Its value range is 0~1. When SOC=0, it means that the rechargeable battery is fully charged and discharged. When SOC=1, it will fill the rechargeable battery. The SOC of a rechargeable battery cannot be accurately measured immediately. Its size is only possible based on main parameters such as the DC voltage of the rechargeable battery, the amount of battery charging current, and the internal resistance. Because of the hazards of various variable factors such as the embrittlement of rechargeable batteries, the change of operating temperature and the operation of the car, the accuracy of the SOC may become an urgent problem in the development trend of battery vehicles.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery

"SOH" refers to the battery's capacity, physical and mental health level, and characteristics. To put it simply, it is the ratio of the technical parameters of the rechargeable battery to the rated current after a period of time. The new original rechargeable battery is 100%, and all damage is 0%. . It is the ratio of the volume released by the rechargeable battery from full charge to a certain multiple of the cut-off voltage and the relative short-circuit capacity. A simple understanding is the limit volume size of the rechargeable battery. There is a certain correlation between the resistance in the body cell and the SOH value. With the decrease of SOH, the internal resistance of rechargeable batteries also expands. According to the inspection of main parameters such as working voltage, current, temperature, etc., the internal resistance of rechargeable batteries is indirectly measured, and then based on the middle of SOH and battery internal resistance Calculate the SOH. But when the SOH change range is not large, the internal resistance of the rechargeable battery does not change significantly, and when the rechargeable battery is more embrittlement, the resistance value changes greatly. Therefore, this method has a relatively hour change in SOH, and the data error is large.

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