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Replacing Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in solar lights is a better choice!

Nov. 10, 2021

Many people are asking "Can I use Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries in my solar street lights to have Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) batteries?" The answer is, yes! Not only can you replace them with Ni-MH, but they are a better battery choice because they have advantages that their Ni-Cd counterparts do not.

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Ni-MH battery advantages


1. No memory effect (compared to Ni-Cd).

Ni-MH can be partially charged (for example, on a cloudy day) and fully charged to maximum capacity on the next sunny day. There is a small amount of discharge (trickle discharge) during storage, so it is best to put Ni-MH batteries in your garden solar lights before dawn on a sunny day. They will then be ready for you to enjoy the nighttime fun.


2. Long shelf life.

They can remain unused for between 3 and 5 years. However, we recommend that you use new Ni-MH rechargeable batteries as soon as possible to ensure that these solar lights always shine.


3. Ni-MH rechargeable batteries for solar lights are almost always more expensive than Ni-Cd batteries.

Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are priced to get your solar garden lights up and running with the best options available.

Solar reading light batteries can be replaced with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Remember, do not mix the chemicals in your solar lights (if they require 2 or more batteries). Use only Ni-MH or Ni-Cd and do not use one of these in 2 or more battery lights. In addition, the typical lifetime of both batteries is about 2 years (nighttime operation/use). Therefore, if your solar lights are about 2 years old and you notice a decrease in output at night, it may be time to replace them.


4. Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are considered to be more environmentally friendly than Ni-Cd batteries.

Cadmium is classified as a toxic element and therefore needs to be disposed of properly. There are many recycling stations, but if for some reason they end up in the trash, Ni-MH batteries can be recycled (recommended), but if there is no recycling option, it's not "bad" to throw them in the trash.


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