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Do You Know The Difference Between A Power Battery And A Capacity Battery? 1

May. 18, 2019

As a LiFePO4 Battery Supplier, let us introduce the difference between power battery and capacity battery.

Lithium batteries are believed to be familiar to everyone. Our mobile phones, notebooks, charging treasures, including the new energy electric vehicles that are being implemented, can see the shadow of lithium batteries! The power source of the battery is undoubtedly the equivalent of the heart to the human being. The public who did not have a deep understanding of lithium batteries think that lithium batteries are similar, just the difference in size and capacity! But in fact, there is really a big difference. Lithium batteries are divided into many kinds from raw materials. What is a power battery? What is a capacity battery?

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Capacity battery

It is mainly a lithium battery that provides longer endurance for the product and energy density as the main research and development direction. For example, we use consumer electronic devices, mobile phones, notebooks, charging treasures, etc., which you use every day. You can find that as the technology improves, his battery life is gradually increasing and the volume is getting smaller.

Capacity battery - mobile phone battery

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