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Is LifePO4 Battery Suitable for Emergency Lighting?

Dec. 23, 2017

There are 46 different compositions of lithium battery currently, and not all of them have exploding history. In modern emergency lighting applications, lithium battery can use Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery as the cathode material. These particular battery is known as lifepo4 battery.

Lifepo4 battery is the preferred choice for emergency lighting, not only because the battery volume is small, but because when it is charging, it draw far less power. It can last double traditional emergency lighting battery life, such as Ni-Cad Battery, Ni-Mh battery.

The UK’s emergency lighting equipment manufacturers have carried out extensive research for lifepo4 battery, and found that it is the safer choice. Battery manufacturer also added protection circuitry to the battery, once fire happened, such as short circuit or over charging, the battery will shut down. So lifepo4 battery is suitable for emergency lighting.

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