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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Safety

Jun. 22, 2018

One significant advantage over additional Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is chemical and thermal equilibrium, which enhances battery security. LiFePO4 is a safer cathode substance than LiCoO2 and manganese spinel, The Fe--O bond is more powerful than the Co--O bond,'' This stabilization of these redox energies helps rapid ion migration.

As lithium ion from the cathode at a LiCoO2 mobile, the CoO2 undergoes computer-based growth which has an effect on the structural integrity of the mobile. The fully lithiated and unlithiated conditions of LiFePO4 are similar that means that LiFePO4 Battery Cells are far more structurally secure compared to LiCoO2 cells.

No lithium stays in the cathode of a completely charged LiFePO4 mobile --at a LiCoO2 mobile, roughly 50 percent stays in the cathode. LiFePO4 is extremely resilient during oxygen reduction, which typically leads to an exothermic reaction in additional cells.

Consequently, China Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is more difficult to ignite in case of mishandling (particularly during control ) although any completely charged battery may simply dissipate overcharge energy as warmth. It's often recognized that LiFePO4 battery doesn't decompose at elevated temperatures.

China Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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