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What Is The Right Way For Lithium Battery Usage?

Sep. 04, 2017

At present, most of the electronic devices have adopted the Lithium Battery, and the mobile lithium battery maintenance is also a problem that many people care about. So what is the right way for lithium battery?

1.Lithium Ion Battery have a lifetime. We all know that lihium-ion batteries are limited in the number of charges, but at the same time, lithium ion battery is like all the other things, the pool also has a life expectancy. So next time you want to buy a battery, remember to look at the production date of the lithium ion battery, the new, the better. 

2.Do not let your device completely without electricity. If your lithium battery power is too low, this may permanently damage your lithium ion battery. So you can plug in the power as soon as you can. Repetitive charging of lithium battery does not reduce battery life.

3.Lithium battery does not charge too full, it is the internal lithium battery protection circuit, the most fear is the problem of excessively, high temperatures over 40 degrees will reduce the lithium ion battery electric quantity.

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