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How Is the LiFePO4 Battery Charging? (Ⅰ)

Apr. 20, 2018

We get queries regarding charging LiFePO4 Batteries and we are going to cover a few of the fundamentals of charging batteries and cover the merchandise in different sections.

Charging a battery essentially means applying an external voltage to push current in the anode to the cathode of the battery. The charger acts as a pump pumping present upstream, reverse the normal direction of flow once the battery discharges. In this procedure, the battery open circuit voltage increases, coming the voltage of the charger.

The charger may act in many various ways during the billing procedure. The charger can gradually increase its voltage so as to maintain the present flow steady. This is the very first phase of the charging process -- generally known as the "majority" charging phase. In this phase, the charger corrects its applied voltage to supply the most current into the battery. As an instance, a 10 Amp charger will provide its maximum of 10 Amps in this majority charging period, along with the compression will grow to a max voltage, or "mass voltage".

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