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How To Prevent Lithium Battery Fires?

Sep. 25, 2017

1.If all the Lithium Batteries are charged on the charging rack, the electric bicycle manufacturer will be safer.

2.Charging rack should have large easy wheels, and use non flammable materials. And put it at the gate. Nothing will stop the charging station from pushing out of the door. 

3.If the fire, the first reaction is to release the charging frame outside.

4.There are arranged battery, charger, smoke alarm on the charging rack. Only one extension line is provided on the charging rack, so there is no other interference when the charging rack is pushed out of the door. When the charging rack is pushed out of the door, the power plug should be pulled out easily.

5.Use the timer on the power supply of the charging rack, so as not the charge when sleeping at night.

6.Put a 10lb, ABC or D class extinguisher at hand. When the fire is extinguished, water can be taken to cool it down. Tube, bucket, sprinkler and so on prevent E-bike Battery type fire risk. 

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