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Why LifePO4 Battery Can Not Replace Lead Acid Battery?

Jan. 04, 2018

In the automotive start up battery application, China Lead Acid Battery service life is about 3 years, LifePO4 Battery life is 5 years, in price, lithium iron phosphate battery is disadvantage. The safety of lead acid battery is much higher than lifepo4 battery. 

In UPS application, lead acid batteries are used in small UPS, the proportion of large and medium UPS lithium iron phosphate battery is increasing. China mobile Netcom telecommunication base station has already begun to use all lithium iron phosphate batteries. The tolerance of lifepo4 battery to high temperature is better than lead acid battery, it can save the cost of temperature control. In electric bike application, lifepo4 battery and lead acid battery price has large price gap. In energy storage, lifepo4 battery has completely crushed the lead acid battery. And different qualities battery can not be compared.

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