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Introduction Of Ni-MH Battery

Apr. 09, 2019

As a Ni-MH Cell Model Manufacturer, let's introduce Ni-MH Battery to everyone.

The Ni-MH Battery has a higher capacity than the nickel-cadmium battery and is smaller than the lithium battery. They weigh almost twice as much as nickel-cadmium batteries. They have an insignificant memory effect. They are a good medium temperature battery. You can use them, usually at -5 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit without any adverse problems. They have good deep discharge characteristics and can store nearly twice the capacity of nickel-cadmium batteries. Their life cycle is usually lower than that of nickel-cadmium batteries, with a life cycle of 500-800. They are very similar to nickel-cadmium batteries in terms of charge and discharge characteristics and are safer than lithium batteries with thermal runaway.

Ni-MH Battery

Ni-MH Battery is more prone to the situation, when you always charge the battery pack, you will use it, its power will disappear immediately. When you test it, it will say that it is fully charged. This is because the battery can no longer maintain the full capacity of the battery. Ni-MH Battery is worse than lithium batteries to prevent thermal runaway, but not as good as nickel-cadmium batteries. They have similar safety features to nickel-cadmium batteries and are more environmentally friendly than nickel-cadmium batteries. The availability of NiMH batteries is very good. Some manufacturers produce them in many countries.

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