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How to Correctly Test the Internal Resistance of Lithium Battery?

Jul. 08, 2020

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Lithium-ion batteries have rapidly developed into the most important power supply products due to their high voltage, high specific energy, no memory effect, and high cycle performance. They have been widely used in consumer electronics, automotive industry, military aerospace, medical and other fields. With my country's key support for new energy vehicles, charging piles and other industries, the lithium-ion battery industry is also unprecedentedly popular in the Chinese market. Along with this, the matching detection methods, standards and equipment are gradually being improved.

The detection of lithium-ion batteries is becoming more and more strict, and higher requirements are placed on all types of lithium-ion battery industry upstream and downstream production companies.

During the development and production of batteries, the battery's charge and discharge rate, high, medium and low rate discharge characteristics, large and small current overdischarge characteristics, normal temperature, high temperature and low temperature internal resistance characteristics, capacity distribution test and other reliability tests, as well as battery internal short circuit, continuous charging, Safety testing of current resistance such as forced discharge is essential. In these tests, the detection of the internal resistance of the battery is a very critical step.we provide ni cd aa 600mah 1.2 v and ryobi 9.6v battery, you can konw it.

As one of the most important internal parameters of lithium-ion batteries, battery internal resistance is very closely related to battery performance testing, life assessment and energy management, and is an important technical indicator to measure battery performance. However, in practical applications, there are many problems:

(1) When charging/discharging, impedance is one of the factors that affect electrical characteristics and efficiency. The battery pack is usually formed by connecting single cells with different numbers in series. If the internal resistance between the cells differs greatly, it will also seriously affect the discharge capacity of the entire battery pack. Therefore, obtaining the internal resistance value of a single cell and performing a system analysis are also required items of the battery.

(2) The internal resistance of the battery is the key to determine the size of the battery's resistance to charge and discharge current. In the lithium ion battery pACK process production process, the battery internal resistance tester that checks the battery cell is generally simple in function, less measurement information, and detection. The accuracy is not high, the data post-processing is simple, and the ability to detect and detect high-voltage large-capacity batteries and battery packs online is lacking.

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