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How are Lithium Batteries Protected?

Jul. 29, 2020

As an Emergency Lighting Battery Supplier, share with you. Battery protection is nothing more than protection when the protection conditions are met.

Overcharge protection: It is necessary to check the voltage matching of the charger. Generally speaking, the voltage of the charger needs to be less than or equal to the charging limit voltage. Each battery has related regulations.

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Discharge protection: Over-discharge protection should not occur when used by the client. This over-discharge protection is a post-level protection. Generally speaking, for batteries with a protection voltage of 2.5V, the minimum voltage of the electrical appliances used should be 3.0V Or above, the battery's over-discharge protection voltage cannot be used every time to use the battery correctly.

Charge overcurrent protection: Generally speaking, the protection occurs when the current of the charger is greater than the charge overcurrent protection value of the battery, which belongs to the matching problem between the two.

Discharge overcurrent protection: Generally speaking, the battery protection is caused by the large starting current of the electrical equipment. This should be considered at the beginning of the design for the redundancy of the battery overcurrent, which needs to be provided to the manufacturer of the battery design to avoid overcurrent protection. Occurs; if a rate-type battery needs to provide a rate of continuous discharge current, this current is different from the maximum discharge current of the battery. The maximum discharge current of the battery refers to the discharge at this current, not continuous discharge. Because continuous discharge has a large number of heating problems to be solved, there must be a large redundant design in the design.

Short-circuit protection: If there is a short-circuit protection, you need to find out the reason to avoid repeated short-circuit protection. If accidental short-circuit protection occurs, you need to remove the short-circuit protection before normal assembly and use; if the battery is in contact with the device The short-circuit protection that occurs during the installation process requires the battery to be disassembled, and then assembled again after the short-circuit protection is released; the general method of short-circuit release is to charge.

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