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How and When to Test SLA Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

Feb. 18, 2022

After regularly testing your emergency lights and/or exit signs, you may notice that it's time to replace your batteries. You may notice that the spare emergency light batteries you need are sealed lead-acid or SLA batteries. SLA batteries were one of the first rechargeable batteries, and charging them is exactly what they do when they are installed in emergency lights. As long as the light's power remains on, the SLA battery is charging. Once power is lost, the battery will begin to power the unit unless it is connected to an emergency generator. The reason the batteries are sealed is so there are no spills that could cause a loss of power. Since these batteries are used for emergency lighting and medical equipment, it is imperative that they do not lose power due to failure. The best online battery suppliers, including Godson, make sure they stand behind the quality and reliability of their batteries.


How and When to Test SLA Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

Why is it so important to replace emergency light batteries?

Over time, even rechargeable batteries can wear out and lose their ability to hold a charge. That's why sometime after the battery warranty expires, you may find yourself going out and buying new rechargeable batteries. Even if they do eventually need to be replaced, rechargeable batteries are still a better alternative to non-rechargeable batteries when used in emergency equipment. It is highly recommended that you use only rechargeable batteries in your emergency lights.


How do I find the correct replacement batteries?

The easiest way to find the correct replacement battery is to check the voltage, size and terminal type of the current battery. To do this, you must first locate the battery compartment on the light. If it is an exit sign, you will usually find the battery compartment above the exit word. Depending on the light, you may need to unscrew it or just turn it on.


How do I install the emergency light batteries?

Some batteries will be installed in the harness and you must remove them, otherwise, others will be placed in the unit by themselves. Remove the harness or battery from the unit. The voltage is usually 6v or 12v. Size and terminal type may vary for your particular emergency light. Purchase a new battery using the voltage, size, and terminal type. Place the new battery in the harness and then place the harness back into the housing. If the harness is not available, simply install the new battery so that the terminals match properly. Install the cover back into the battery compartment and screw it into place if necessary. Most lights have a test button so you can test the new battery. The emergency light test ensures that the battery will work properly in the event of an emergency power failure.


How should I purchase replacement batteries?

Be sure to take your time. Be sure to purchase the various emergency light batteries at https://www.godsontechnology.com/. They offer a one year warranty on every emergency light battery they offer. Getting the best value for the batteries you purchase will help reduce the ongoing cost of maintaining your emergency lighting equipment. It is important to note that the replacement battery must be rated at the same voltage as the original battery and have at least as many amp hours as the original battery. It must be the same size or smaller, as most emergency and exit sign devices do not have the extra space to accommodate larger batteries.

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